SpotUV. In my words, "selective glossening." I have the red portion of my business cards glossy while the rest of the surface is matte. For added coolness factor, you can skip the ink all together and have your logo applied as a gloss layer of its own on matte or silk finish cards. As difficult as it is to portray in just words or in this attached rendering, picture a sexy matte blacked-out classic muscle car and you don't even see it's me driving at first, you only see the sweet glossy black ghost flames on the hood and front quarter panel reflecting starburts of sunlight and your dropped jaw as you only then begin to notice how cool the driver looks with his windblown hair and farmers tan arm monkey dragging out the open window and his brown spotted white kitten holding down shotgun.
How the files are setup: Full design gets printed with matte coating, then the machine applies gloss only in the selected areas according to the dark area in the second file. On mine, the red color is glossy and pops. On Tagged Out's the Sunset is the only glossy area.
A couple more samples showing what areas get gloss as opposed to the rest of the card that remains matte finish.
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