Sometimes it's all about the fancy. These business cards (used as event tickets) got the main logo printed with a color foil overlay, then gloss was added over it, the background brush stroke, and a layer of spots. The rest of the card is matte black. This is an actual photo of the card on the right to show how the light makes the foil and gloss pop. On the left are the 3 different setup layers required to achieve this. It feels like we are returning to the days when people are once again trying to make their business stand out with their first impression card presentation; Something that won't just get tossed immediately. Because of this, printers have stepped up their game with new coatings, textures and laminates. Among my favorites are the suede finishes and of course the selective gloss layers. Holler my way if you have any questions. *Featured business: http://theragcollection.org/main/creatable/
Completely waterproof cards. Also available in flyer size.

Featuring eye-catching spot UV effects, smooth glossy raised areas that contrast beautifully with the Suede/Soft Touch Laminate foundation of the cards.

Promotion cards for punching or uncoated for stamping.
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