Logo Updating

Logo consistency is important. Sometimes over the years it may need a facelift or it may just need some changes for different uses.

Cutting Edge Curbing came to me a while back looking to have their logo updated. They didn't have the vector artwork anymore so it needed to be redrawn first. Over the years we've tweaked it for different applications such as a stretched version for their bigger trucks and a condensed oval version for easier branding around their offices. Keeping the original shapes was important, as well as highlighting the fact that they did Landscape Materials even thought it wasn't in their immediate business name. Also displayed is a single color version for t-shirts and a specially integrated Hunting Club logo for the guys.
New City Church needed a logo for their outdoor adventure group. They wanted it to hep convey the cleverness in their name. Their church logo was integrated into this new campy design.
Over the years this logo has evolved a lot. It started with a drawing by the owner of a machine shop. For a while he had used a bio-hazard logo. Given the nature of his technical business, it caught his eye because he liked integrated patterns. A few years later he drew up a new more detailed sketch involving elements he works with at his shop, and had me redraw it on the computer using the L shape as the first letter in his shop name. The last evolution came when he asked if I could incorporate elements of each design into one logo. We reused his special 7 sided bolt in the center paired with his beloved bio-hazard and then added some gearing teeth to increase the geometric shaping and keep the machine shop feel.
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