This logo was created for a new campaign to promote offroad recreational vehicle safety. What started as a simple seat belt evolved into a full 5 point harness. In the end, the client chose the bottom two for the campaign's use.
RagCo asked for a logo for their "Creatable" (Create Table) Art Parties. These were the different options we came up with for them.
I have an awesome return customer that needs logos created from scratch. Usually she gives me only the name of the company and a short description of what they do and what they'll use the logo on. Our proofing/changes process can be very intensive but we're both always happy where we end up together. I enjoy bouncing concepts around with her. This is an example of one of those processes from start to finish including color and font changes and the concept of possible flag use.
This customer knew what he wanted but needed help getting it out of his head and onto paper. We ended up with a colorful version and a one-color version logo to be burned into wooden bats and screen printed onto metal ones.
This customer wanted a predominantly text logo they could call their own. The simpler one won out this time.
Red Drop Digital needed a clean vector logo for multi-use. Here is the visual idea process and logo transformation as we brainstormed together what would represent them best.
A customer asked for a logo for his idea "LoCal," to support local businesses in Phoenix, AZ. He wanted it to have a So Cal mimicry and something that looked like a label you'd see on a hat or beer.
Woody was looking for a certain vibe with his logo. In talking, he told me used to ride a long board in his younger days. We worked up a couple different variations on the theme and even included a little flashier version for good measure.
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