Sometimes a design picks up steam and keeps rolling and rolling into something huge. The Rag Collection (a non profit that serves  underprivileged youth and sex trafficked victims in Arizona) asked for an infographic covering a wide array of statics they had collected for their organization. They needed them portrayed visually with "fun elements." This is the custom designed layout we came up with. This was a VERY time consuming but very fun job at the same time. Custom graphics, custom concepts, custom graphs- everything needed to mix well together, and while being visually attractive, still needed to make sense to their audience.

It was fun and challenging to find, modify and create representation graphics for all RagCo's data. Graphs needed to use actual percentages. Title columns, if not specifically numbered for their quantity, could use the correct amount of stacked graphics.

This infographic was honestly just a gift for a long-time strongman friend. While visually stunning, it is mostly built out of private jokes and love. From his ever increasing tent size purchases, two turtleneck fashion, zero turkey hunt success, flower beard, and growing gun collection, etc, there's a lot to be broken down in this graph of manly awesome.

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